Hi everyone it’s Sheri from sheriandchris.com and I’m excited to share with you today I got kind of a present for myself. As you can see you it’s got a bow on it. And what I’m going to do is open up the box so that you can see what’s inside. And what this is all about today.

So, I’m all excited to show you my new Cuisinart. And it’s an Elemental 8 food processor and why am I so excited about this? Because this is going to simplify my life so much with food preparation. So, that is basically how I’m going to mainly be using this, is to have food for the week and get it ready so that I don’t have to do as much during the week and I just have to kind of throw things together and it’ll be ready in a lot shorter amount of time.

So, real quick before I open it I was going to share with you my trusty old food processor that I had for, actually my husband and I got it for my wedding gift. It’s a Hamilton Beach. It’s been a really great food processor but most recently I put some dates in there and it got all jammed up and I couldn’t chop them. And what happened was I had to pull everything out. And I couldn’t finish what I was doing. It made a big fat mess. So, I’m going to be retiring and I’m going to be putting this away. I’m giving it off to Goodwill.

And I’m so excited that I have my new food processor now. And I’m going to open it up so you can get a look at it. This is actually, I got this on WilliamsandSonoma.com. You can see there’s three different colors that it comes in. There’s a white and a gun metal I think it’s called. I got the silver and it has an off button, a low and a high and these are really nice buttons, they’re nice and sturdy. I really liked the feel and everything is very, you know, very sturdy feeling.

It has the food pusher. This is an 8 Cup food processor. They also have a 10 and a 14 cup. But I went with the eight. I felt that would do the job for what I need it for. What this will do is it slices, shreds, chops and purees vegetables, fruits and cheeses. And it also will shred and slice. It has two blades.

These blades. So, it comes with an S-blade and that’s for chopping and pureeing. And then it comes with these discs. There’s two of them and you attach on top and then you put this on top and you can slice and shred vegetables, fruits and cheeses. This goes back on and it’s going to help again simplifying food prep.

It’s going to chop, slice or shred produce so that I can store that in containers. What I do is I have these little containers that I will put my vegetables and my fruit in. Things like cucumbers, for example, I wouldn’t really keep for too long, maybe a day, you know just for the next day. But for heartier vegetables you can store them in containers after you chop them up.

This is going to help save time and it’s going to help, it’s easier than by hand. It’s also you can’t get that same like if you’re chopping a cucumber you’re going to get that same cut every time, it’s going to come out, you know it’s going to be a perfect cut versus trying to do it with a knife which can be very difficult. You know you get a thick slice and you get a thin slice. With this you get a consistent slice every time. And it’s also much safer because you know using a knife you have a chance you could cut yourself.

I chose this size because, believe it or not, it fits really nicely in my cabinet. I’m not one to keep my appliances on my counter top. I like my counter tops clear so this slides nicely into my cabinet. And it’s large enough, like I said earlier, to do what I need it to do. So, in future videos I’m going to talk, I’m going to actually demonstrate on how to use it and what I use it for and some of the different meals that I’ll be making using the food processor.

So, I’m very excited about my new food processor and I’m glad I can share it with my friends out in Facebook live. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can purchase this food processor is about $100 but you can purchase, I mean you can get them as low as $30 so there’s different price points and they’re pretty, you know, pretty easy to find online as well as in stores. And I’m looking forward to you joining me in future videos on making some meals using my new food processor. So, thanks for joining me.

Give me any comments below of things maybe you would like to see me make with the food processor. And if you like this video, give me a like, I appreciate it and share it with people who you think could benefit from learning more about how to use a food processor.

Thanks for now and I’ll talk to you real soon.


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