Sheri: Sheri and Chris here. Parents, do you find yourself constantly fighting with your kids on what, that making sure they eat something for breakfast?

Well what if I told you that they can have ice cream for breakfast. That’s what we’re going to make today.

Chris and I are heading out to the gym and this is something we like to have every day. Believe it or not, it’s ice cream for breakfast.

It’s really healthy, it’s really delicious and I’m going to demonstrate really quick using my new food processor how to make this very simple recipe.

So, first of all, what we’re going to do is we’re going to add two chopped up frozen bananas to the food processor.

You’re going to need a little bit of liquid. So, I’m going to put that in, I’m today I’m using about a quarter cup of almond milk and I might just not add it all at first.

I’m going to just pulse it a little just to get it going. It’s already started you can see it’s already starting to mix up and make a nice smooth consistency.

I’m going to grind it up just a little bit more. And next what I’m going to do is add a little bit of chocolate protein which I already have measured out, just one scoop. I’m going to add it into my bananas.

And for a little bit of peanut flavor you can add peanut butter but I’m using a peanut butter powder which is going to be lower in calories, so I’m going to add that also. And then I’m going to blend that altogether.

Chris: And one of the things that you can do you know get the kids involved the first couple of times you make this because they might turn their nose up because they’re used to a different type of ice cream. So, get them involved, try this on the weekends and let them start adding in what they would like to see in it.

Sheri: I just added a little bit more liquid cause it wasn’t, it needs to be a little creamier. And now I’m going to blend that again. And how does it look Chris?

Chris: It looks great. So, here’s the big difference when you’re serving ice cream from the store, store-bought ice cream, one of the issues that you’re going to find is it was created to become addictive and in a physical sense so sugar fat and salt are what they make that food out of basically.

And when you eat that in the quantities that we end up eating it, it triggers dopamine in the brain. And just like cocaine does. So, it becomes addictive and you need more and more of it when you’re hooked on it.

And when you move over to this stuff it’s not processed. It’s made out of whole foods. There’s none of the processed sugar and all those things that are within it.

It just tastes a lot better as you get used to it. It does take getting used to. So, one of the things that we did a while ago we took regular ice cream out of the house. If we want it, we have to go out to get it and we blend this up and have it on hand and it makes a world of difference.

There’s also protein in this which is going to. If your kids are having that in the morning, it’s going to take them through the morning and keep their hunger at bay basically. Right. Instead of something that’s high in sugar which is only going to you know, make them happy probably for about a half hour and then their cravings are going to kick in again.

Sheri: Oh, I just wanted to mention, when my kids were young, when they were really little, I actually before this was all the craze on Pinterest, making banana ice cream. I use to actually make this for them and I used to just do bananas and water for when my children were toddlers and they really, they really didn’t know the difference because they had never had ice cream before.

And I got my I don’t know if anyone’s ever heard of Fit for life. Years ago, the Marilyn Diamond cookbook I got this banana recipe from that was so easy to make for my kids. And they were pretty happy with it.

They really didn’t know any different. And now fast forward to today and it’s all the rage on Pinterest. And what we have now is a chocolate banana.

Chris: So, you can see the consistency comes up it comes out just like it looks just like ice cream. And there’s many different toppings you can add to it and this is what you know will help the kids if they have certain flavors that they like.

So. dark chocolate chips. Usually you want to look for something with 70 percent of cocoa. So, it doesn’t have the sugar in it is what you’re looking for. And then you just sprinkle them on.

Doesn’t this look good for breakfast? Walnuts if you want. Some of the other options, Sher I’m going to let you start on it first because some of the other things you can.

You don’t only have to make chocolate. So, when we use a protein powder you can use vanilla. You can use strawberry. We use a plant-based protein powder versus a whey. That’s just our preference, you can use whey. And of course, you don’t have to use peanut butter you can use other nut butters, almond butter.

Sheri: I love almond butter so I love to add that to mine. And you can make instead of adding chocolate you could also add frozen fruit, right and make a strawberry ice cream which is pretty simple, it’s just the bananas and frozen strawberries. So very simple and easy if your children prefer a berry flavor versus a chocolate or peanut butter.

Chris: Yeah. And if you want to turn this into a milkshake you know a smoothie all you really need to do is add more almond milk. And then it turns and some mornings you can tell the kids you’re having ice cream or would you rather have a milkshake? It all the amount of almond milk that you add to it.

Sheri: Right. So, our question to you today is what are some of your kid’s favorite foods, recipes or desserts that are maybe not so healthy that we can make here on Facebook live for you a healthier version? Let us know in the comments below.

Chris: And just wanted to give you the ingredient list since we’re on Facebook live. It’s tough to get the ingredients to you so we just want to use this little white board so you had everything.

And please if you like the video, like it below. And if you would share it with your friends we’d appreciate it. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next week. This doesn’t happen all the time. Bye guys.

Sheri: Thanks.


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