Hi it’s Sheri from sheriandchrs.com. Thanks for joining me, it’s bright and early again. If you’re watching this live I give you a lot of credit because it’s bright and early.

Today I was going to talk about something, a super food that’s simple and cheap to make. Now you think you may need to go to the Amazon to find a super food. But this super food is actually right in your local supermarket.

It’s easy to find and I know raising a family can be and it can be expensive. So why not make it easy and cheaper by lowering your food bill. And this is one way you can do it by making this super food salad.

And what is it? It’s chickpeas, and chickpeas is part of the bean family or the legume family. There’s actually over 40,000 varieties of beans but they only actually use a small fraction of those are consumable and are mass produced.

Chickpeas you might think I’m going to make a hummus which is actually made of chickpeas. I’m actually going to make a spread that you could use on bread. You can use it as a topping on a salad. It’s really quick to make, probably cost pennies to make it and it’s a great substitute for tuna salad or egg salad. You can take it to a picnic. I brought it to the beach last year. We put it on sandwiches when we went to the ocean and it stayed nice you know in the cooler it didn’t get all mushy. It was really delicious.

Oh, and just so you know there’s many different types of beans. Some of the common kinds are, of course, chickpeas, they’re also called garbanzo beans. There’s black beans white beans, lentils, navy beans. There’s kidney beans so there’s all different kinds of beans.

And I think most people when they think of eating beans they think, they think of like with a sauce and they think of it as more of like eating it with hot dogs. And that’s only one way of eating beans. There’s literally hundreds of ways, probably thousands of ways you can make beans.

So today we’re going to make this chickpea spread or chickpea salad. And what I’m going to do I’ve already mashed up a can of chickpeas and I used a potato. Remember this is live. I used a potato masher. OK. The other thing you can do is you can put it in a food processor. But I wanted to keep it simple today so I used a potato masher.

And then all I add is some mayonnaise. About a third of a cup. So, as you can see it’s kind of like the same idea you would make a tuna salad. But here’s my secret ingredient. It’s called curry and curry which is a Mexican, an Indian spice is actually really delicious and you’d be surprised you’d be amazed at how delicious it tastes. Then I add some sliced almonds for crunch and mix it up as you can see it’s kind of the consistency of a tuna salad. And last but not least I add some sea salt. I like Himalayan pink sea salt. Believe it or not I get it right at my local T.J. Maxx. And that’s another super food we can talk about that another time but I add this all together as you can see it was very simple.

And what I get is a consistency like I said sort of like tuna fish and it is, I’m going to do a little taste test. And it’s bright and early in the morning it’s not something I usually eat for breakfast but it is delicious, really simple to make.

And what you want to do is after you mix it up put it in the fridge to chill because it does taste a little better if it’s chilled and then it’s ready to go. You can use this on sandwiches. You can also a lot of times my husband and I like to just do some flat crackers and we place this on and maybe a slice of tomato. Avocado is great on this as well. You can add all kinds of veggies. You can just throw it on top of a salad. So, it’s very versatile.

It’s a great addition to family meals because it’s really cheap to make. Delicious. All my kids like it. My daughter loves it. She takes it to school on her sandwich.

And if you have an issue with eating beans you know the old song beans, beans are good for your heart. You can add some.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Beano which is a dietary supplement, it’s an enzyme and all you do is take a teaspoon of that right before you eat beans and it’s amazing, it helps you to digest them a lot easier.

So, I want to thank you for joining me today bright and early and go home and try some chickpea salad. Give it a try and see and let me know what you think. And how you used it and what kinds of things you put it in.

And let me know what are some of your favorite bean recipes and share that with me in the comments below. And like if you like this video and if you are actually here on Facebook live thank you for joining me. I know it’s bright and early and I want to hopefully hear from you real soon and share it if you could.  I would really appreciate it if anybody could use that you know would like this recipe. Share it with your friends. Thanks for joining me today everyone.



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