Chris: Hi it’s Chris and Sheri and welcome back. We want to thank everybody that watched the video last week. And what we want to go over this week is something that comes up a lot and gets a lot of questions. It’s healthy snacks. You know what is considered a healthy snack and what isn’t and what can we do to help you change and get your family aligned in the right direction.

So, if you are wondering who we are and you haven’t seen one of our videos before, Sheri and I have been working with families and children creating happier, healthier lives for them for the last 25 years. We are now moving more into the digital age and we’re hoping to bring this to a bigger community here on Facebook.

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To kick things off I just want to talk a little bit about what’s going on with snacks within our country within the families and people on Facebook and it’s kind of staggering. Ninety one percent of people snack. I think that is not eye opening but what they’re snacking on is. And of that 20 percent are snacking three to four times a day. And what’s going on is people are replacing more and more meals with snacks which isn’t in most cases a healthy option because they’re not choosing healthy options when they are replacing those meals. It’s adding up because since the 70s people have added 570 calories to their diet.

So, you know that goes hand-in-hand with the obesity epidemic that we’re facing here in the United States and worldwide. Sheri’s going to be talking more about what is considered a snack, what’s considered a treat and what you should be doing for desserts. Because what’s going on today is everybody is looking for immediate gratification. They’re looking for those salty, sugary, sweet foods and they getting hooked on them and it’s just drawing them in to crave more and more of those foods so I’ll let Sheri take it from here and talk more about what we’re doing and what we felt families have done in the past.

Sheri: So, what is a snack? It’s actually a small meal, it’s nutritionally balanced and it should fill you up. You shouldn’t need to eat snacks all through the day. You really should only need to eat something and then it should fill you for a while to your next meal. So, would an apple by itself be a good snack? An apple is very good but by itself, it’s probably not going to fill you up, Chris?

Chris: Probably not.

Sheri: So, eating an apple with some almond butter though that’s going to add some healthy fat as well as some protein. And then you’re going to be filled up and it’s going to give you some nutrients. If you are going to be eating foods that are low nutrient dense foods what you’re going to find is you’re going to need something. Your body is going to keep craving more and more food. So, here’s an example of some of the things that people think are snacks. OK, the number one snack in the U.S. is chips and chips by itself again not providing much nutrition. And if you’ve ever eaten a chip you know you can’t eat just one. And if you eat a few and put them away probably want to go and get more because they’re very… chips and especially with the fat and the salt and the potatoes are very, very addicting.

Chris: They have been designed exactly for that reason so you want and crave more of them.

Sheri: Right. What’s another snack that we see parents these days is fruit roll-ups. And if you look at the ingredients on fruit roll-ups the first ingredient is corn syrup. Not really a good foundation for a small meal. Another one that I have here are the chewy bars. These are very popular and they’re granola, they’re supposed to be healthy, right? Well again if you look at the ingredient list, it’s very long. And this type of food is also designed because of the high sugar content and carbohydrate-based foods they are not going to satisfy you. And so, you’re going to want more.

Chris:  It’s one of those foods a lot of people are using as a replacement for breakfast and not a really good option.

Sheri: Another thing that people are eating is chocolate chip cookies. These are also not really again… we’re talking about snacks really not in the snack category. I would consider that the treat category.

Chris: Yeah, all of these, that we are looking at these all fall into treats. So how do we define a treat? Well, it’s something that tastes great that has pretty much no nutritional value. And is something that we’ve chosen you just don’t put them in the house. Right, Sheri? You don’t keep them there. It’s something that it’s once a week you don’t want to deprive your kids if they’re used to it. You know having a big battle over it. But if you get them out of the house and if you do bring them into the house it’s for a short period of time. Just get enough that they can get the snack. I mean the treat and then it’s over with. You don’t want to buy all of this and have it laying around all week because that’s the first thing they will go to. You’ll be in the cabinets looking for it. I know because that’s the way I used to be. So, if you clear it out and then Sheri is going to talk about one of the ways that she’s helped our family and other families do it is by creating this all these containers worth of great stuff.

Sheri: So, what’s a snack? A snack is a small meal, nutritionally balanced. You want a good balance between carbohydrate, healthy fat, and protein. A treat is something you want to eat on a rare basis maybe more occasional basis and preferably go out of the house for it. A dessert is something that actually could be made healthy. So, we’ll talk more in future videos about healthy options for desserts. Today I’m just going to show you some of the… Here’s an example of a trail mix that I made with some low sugar cereal, nuts.

Chris: I’ll hold it up for her.

Sheri: Nuts, seeds and dark chocolate chips. We like to put containers of nuts, nuts are very high in calorie so you want to make sure that you’re not eating nuts all by themselves even though they are a good food. They tend to be higher in calorie. When you mix then in a trail mix they become very, you’re not eating as much at once.

Chris: I have to say this has made a huge difference in our lives because we can go in now and we open up the cabinet and the first thing we see, we’re not seeing you know the roll ups and the cookies and all those things. We’re seeing this and then you’re basically your cravings are just around it and you start seeing the healthier things and you reach for those and you become much more satisfied with them.

Sheri: Some of the examples of things that I made this week for our family, I made some muffins. These are oatmeal muffins and we tend to go dairy free in this family. We have a couple of people that cannot tolerate dairy so these are dairy free. They are also very low fat because they’re made with applesauce.  I also made a banana bread so the kids can take this for their snacks for school and really easy things to make, keep them on hand. Another thing I have in the refrigerator is chocolate peanut butter balls which are high protein little snack balls, they’re delicious, easy to make. So, those are some examples. Veggies and hummus, fruit and Greek yogurt, celery or apple or banana with nut butter. Those are all really great options for snacks.

Chris: And simple things kids can put together themselves. You know just talking about these two options you know that Sheri made this morning. Great replacements for breakfast, but they can also have them after school when they get home. They kind of fill the void a couple of different areas where kids are coming home starving or getting up in the morning and they’re just maybe not that hungry. This helps them out and it holds them over when they get to school so they’re not craving something you know an hour after getting there.

Sheri: So, we want to thank you for joining us. Just a reminder comment below, let us know what you want to know we can help you with. So, you can have a happier and healthier family and make sure that you follow us. Check out our website And don’t forget to like if you could we would really appreciate it. Anything else you would like to add?

Chris: The recipe for the chocolate peanut butter balls is on our recipe at Yeah go check it out. Sheri is spelled Sheri. So, it’s We’ll see you again soon.

Chris and Sheri: Thanks!


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