Does having a family derail your weight loss efforts? Do you ever feel like a short-order cook preparing a different dish for each family member?

I am going share with you how you don’t have to give up on eating healthier foods because of your family and how you can get everyone on board with a healthier lifestyle starting today.

 Hi, I’m Sheri McNally and I want to let you know that healthy eating and weight loss does not have to be difficult even if you feel like you lack your family’s support.

Stick around because I am going to give you some easy tips that you can implement starting today on how to get your family to eat healthier without any pleading or arm twisting.

Being a mom can be a joyful and at the same time thankless job. Getting your family, especially the kids, to eat healthier can seem near impossible. Nowadays kids have access to so many foods lacking nutrition between convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and even in school.

I know how it is since I have three daughters. Even as a nutritionist I have had my challenges keeping my family on the straight and narrow with food. So how do you make healthy eating a family affair without feeling like you’re the food police?

 A few things that I have learned as a mom is that you can bring your kids to food but you can’t make them eat.

You can do your best to keep only those foods in the house that you want your kids to eat but ultimately they will make their own choices.

The bigger issue you make out of eating healthy the more your family will push against you. I know I have been there and it’s not fun.

When you involve your kids in meal planning and food preparation they have a vested interest in what they are eating and are more likely to try new foods.

Leave cut up veggies and fruit on the kitchen table, you will be amazed at how quickly it will disappear without you saying a word.

The only thing I focus on is making sure my girls eat plenty of produce each day. The fiber and nutrients in fruits and vegetables will actually crowd out your child’s desire for low nutrient foods.

To recap, focus on raising the overall wellness of your family by actually letting them make their own food choices, but secretly with your help.

Instead of being the food police get your kids involved in meal planning and preparation. For example have each family member choose a dinner recipe for the week and let them help you prepare the meal.

Stock your kitchen with plenty of produce, get in the habit of making produce easy to eat by cutting up fruits and veggies and making vegetables the focal point of your meals.

Please let me know in the comments below what kinds of tips do you have to get your family to eat healthier. We would all love to know.

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Until next time this is Sheri McNally and I wish you the best of health!


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