Sheri: Hi it’s Sheri and Chris here. Welcome back. This week I wanted to find out from you, what’s your plan when you go on vacation or leave the house, you go away for maybe a few days with food? What do you do to make sure that your family eats pretty healthy and also maybe save some money? So today what I wanted to talk about is some ways that I can help you to still eat maybe as normally as possible. And with the exception of maybe a few special treats, and this is going to help you to feel good while you’re away. It’s going to help you avoid weight gain and the tendency to overspend when you are out. You know maybe overspending on eating out.

Chris: And one of the benefits really what you’ll see to is with the kids is the emotional change. We found that over time and the studies have proven it, when the kids are eating junk food and you let it extend during a vacation they become fatigued more often, they become moody. And it just ruins the whole vacation. So, if you do stay with a healthier diet when you’re doing it and just splurge once in a while with desserts and everything, that makes life a lot easier on vacation.

Sheri: It sure does. We have three daughters and we’ve been on multiple vacations and we’ve had issues with the melting down.

Chris: And not feeling good and getting sick.

Sheri: And stomachaches. You know, so really staying as close to normal, your normal eating patterns as possible. It really makes a big difference. So today what we want to talk about is six surefire ways to eat healthy and save money while you’re either on vacation or any time you’re away from home. So, the first one we want to talk to you about is ideally find a hotel or a place to stay that has a kitchen. And this is going to save you money even if you have to pay more for the hotel room. Because food can be very expensive if you’re going to eat out every single day.

Chris: And you know just the other benefit of having one of these, it’s usually a condo set up that you’re going to rent and you just have so much more space. Instead of having you know two queen-sized bed and everybody’s piled in.

Sheri: You have that little refrigerator which is useless.

Chris: This time with us when we went to the condo level with what we rented. It was so much better.

 Sheri: Yeah. And we were able to eat anything we wanted throughout the week. We stuck to you know our healthy as healthy a diet as we could. And we also had we had some fun too and enjoyed some other foods that we usually don’t eat.

Chris: When you’re in you know not out and about your back it’s nice to be in more of a home experience.

Sheri: Yeah yeah definitely. Number two is you want to plan your meals and your snacks with your family before vacation. So just like you pack before you go on vacation you want to plan your meals and snacks. And it may seem like it’s time consuming but it’s going to save you time when you’re on vacation. You want to keep your meals and snacks simple. Try to make easy meals that you can just kind of throw together that don’t take a lot of prep or cook time, things like salads and tacos, sandwiches, wraps, maybe healthy canned soups, pasta, rice, grain dishes.

Chris: Yeah. You set it up so there’s enough variety that people aren’t sick of the food. But at the same time you’re not slaving away in the kitchen so you just make it simple like Sheri said and then you know stuff the kids can prepare too for you. You know that’s kind of a nice switch to get them involved on vacation or when you’re away and have them help out for a change.

Sheri: The third surefire way to eat healthy and save money on vacation is to create a grocery list. So, before you even leave we had talked about preparing, planning your meals and your snacks ahead of time. And then you want to actually put together a grocery list and you can do that obviously on paper. But there are some really great meal planners out there. There’s FoodPlanner. There’s also Cozi which is what we’ve been using and that was an app that you can share with your family to help you keep organized on calendar events but it also has a shopping list and everybody can contribute to the shopping list on this app.

Chris: And you get the final edit of course on what’s going to get purchased.

Sheri: Number four is to bring a backpack with a cooler. That was probably one of our greatest finds. This is the best.

Chris: Went on to Amazon and started looking for coolers that we could bring with us on vacation and still be able to use in the parks and you know places that we wanted to go. And Coleman made a perfect backpack for us and you know I was able to carry it on the plane and use that as a regular backpack. But then when we get down there we’re all insulated. We carried our waters, we carried snacks and just had everything with us and it made a world of difference.

Sheri: And to add on to the backpack with the cooler is collapsible water bottles right. We found those online too which are reusable. All you do is fill them up and they actually stand up after you fill them with water and they can hook on to things. But then when they’re empty you can roll them up and throw them into a bag and take them back.

Chris: Instead of buying water bottles everywhere you go, lugging them from your hotel with you from the start. You can just use the collapsible.

Sheri: Yeah, which are great. You want to pack your lunches, your snacks and water for your daily activities. Pack everything up before you leave so that you’re not caught with having to buy food that either you know that you’re not used to eating or end up overspending on food.

Chris: I think we’ve all done it. You get towards the end of the vacation or time away from home and you’re just like I can’t wait to get back and eat normal food again because you start eating that over-processed food it’s like great at the beginning it’s like I’m splurging. And then after like day three you’re like this is just awful. So, you know it’s not to say that the kids can’t have any of it or yourself but you know if you’re just balancing it if you change your diet too drastically going in the vacation’s not going to be that eventful.

Sheri: No, it’s going to ruin your vacation. Number five is to locate the closest grocery store, superstore or farmer’s market. You can even find those when you’re away. And that way you know you can go stock up on all your food at the beginning of your vacation. Buy all the food you need unless you want to get fresh produce you know every few days. But for the most part you can get everything at once. Stock up your kitchen in your hotel room or wherever you’re staying. And then you are ready to go and have your meals for the week.

Chris: You know I know a lot of people saying no I went on vacation so I don’t have to cook so I don’t have to food shop. But you know what. It’s not that big of a deal because everything you’re prepping is really quick. You get the family involved. You know the food shopping. It’s a different type of food shopping when you’re away on vacation.

Sheri: You’re not buying a lot of ingredients. You’re more buying foods that you can kind of throw stuff together. Bagged salads are great.

Chris: It’s always better. You know you’re eating healthier food because there’s nothing worse from the other side is like where are we going to eat dinner tonight? Where are we going to eat lunch? And no one agrees on it. And then arguments start. This way you did the food way ahead of time and you already got agreement before you even left.

Sheri: Right. And prepare most of your meals. Designate a couple of meals. This is number six. Prepare most of your meals. Designate a couple of nights or meals to eat out and but don’t be too strict either allow everyone to pick out some favorite foods that they don’t normally eat every day. Kind of a funny story. My oldest daughter when we went on vacation she was little she got to pick out what she wanted for her vacation food, we call it vacation food and she picked out a super sweet cereal. It has a little leprechaun on the box. And she ate probably a third of the box and handed it to me and said you know put it away and I said OK you’re all done. She goes no throw it away. That was enough for her. So sometimes it’s good on vacation to eat outside the norm and let them taste those foods and realize that they’re not really that great for them.

Chris; They don’t feel all that well after eating it consecutive days.

Sheri: Yeah. So sometimes that’s good because then they don’t want to eat it anymore. So anyway, what’s your plan for when you go away with your family either on vacation?

Chris: Do you have tips that you can tell us? Yeah. You know please just put them down below you know start a conversation with us here on Facebook live. And again, we’ll be back next week with another video.

Sheri: Yeah share this with your friends. Share it with your friends if you have anybody going on vacation or even we’ve got the summer coming in a couple of months and people are going to be going away. And if this could be helpful to someone just please share. We really appreciate it. Like it if you like and leave a comment because we love to be able to start a conversation. Thanks for joining us today everyone.

Chris: See you soon.



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