Our Wish For Moms

Imagine your family waking up happy and refreshed, enjoying healthy delicious foods, having family time including fun fitness activities, and finishing the day feeling grateful and excited for tomorrow.

Hey Mom! This Health Quiz Will Reveal Your Child's Chances Of Becoming Overweight!

See How A Parent's Habits Influence The Health Of Their Child.




is our Priority.

Our Work

Our work (and the site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will help you and your family thrive.

Many families today are stretched thin and looking for simple solutions that can help them live healthy and active lives. A Family Health Coach can make a real difference for your family by helping in the areas of Lifestyle, Exercise, Parenting, and Nutrition. We help families learn how easy it is to live healthy and provide accountability and education for both parents and children on nutrients and exercise the body needs to grow, develop, and flourish. Families will also learn other simple changes that will help them have more energy and feel great.

A Summary Of Why Our Work Matters…

The influence a parent has over their child is second to none. That is why the example that you set will have an influence on your child far into the future. Your actions will help to determine your child’s future health and how they will parent their children.

Parents, learning to manage what you think, what you say, and how you eat are the most important things you can do not only for you but your entire family. (And traditional education doesn’t teach it!)

We teach the latest cutting edge healthy parenting training to manage thoughts, emotions, actions and therefore results. The model and process is simple to learn and inspiring to apply immediately.

What We Do…

We teach parents how to set the right example for their family by putting themselves first when it comes to eating healthy, exercising and reducing stress.


Teach you how to put yourself first. (for the good of your child)


Teach you how to Empower your Child.


Teach you how to take action and parent by example.


Katie, age 42, mother of 3

I always felt alone when I was dieting. I prepared one meal for the family and then I ate the “Diet” food. I would end up picking at the kid’s leftovers and my diet was ruined. What Sheri and Chris provide is not only a solution for my weight loss but a nutritious program for the whole family, all without sacrificing taste.

Kelly, age 37, mother of 2

I no longer feel guilty about the food I’m serving to my family. In the past, when I didn’t feel like cooking I would run out and get fast food. With Sheri and Chris’s system, I always have a healthy meal that the kids love. That’s not all, I lost 13 pounds without even trying.

Ken, age 38, father of 3

Dinner time is insane in our house. We are always running the kids around to different sporting events so mealtime becomes very stressful. Then we started following Sheri’s suggestions. Now we are able to eat healthy and still have time to make it to the game.