Sheri: Hi everyone. It’s Sheri and Chris from, Today I just wanted to welcome you back if you have been watching us all along. We have kind of a great concept today we’re going to talk about that we hope it’s going to help you. Do you have problems with getting things done around the house or getting your kids to help you out? Are you procrastinating on projects? We have kind of a simple thing that’s really it’s helped me a lot because I tend to when I have a project in mind I tend to be a little perfectionistic it’s just something that I know it’s just something I have and I have a hard time if I can’t get a project done sometimes I won’t even attempt it and it gets very frustrating. But Chris my wonderful husband here has introduced me to a great concept that helps me to segment my projects and that way I can get things done within a short period of time. So, take it away Chris.

Chris: Well it was funny. We were going crazy around the house and a lot of projects would end up in my hands because they would sit around a little bit and I’ll admit I like to procrastinate with things too. So, we just started talking about it like all right if it’s 20 minutes we can get it done. And we also looked at it we said hold it 20 minutes we can probably talk the kids into doing more stuff too. So really what we did is we started breaking things down. So, if you look around the house like getting the bathrooms clean, cleaning or vacuuming, you know, you just break them down into 20 minute projects. Food prep 20 minutes so we kind of look at meals we look at even our workouts are only 20 minutes long now. A lot of people goes how much time do you spend in the gym. We don’t like spending a lot of time in the gym. We just go in 15-20 minutes, get in, get out get it done and you know move on to the next thing. What we also found is you know everybody’s busy. You’re working you’re carting the kids around you trying to get meals done you’re trying to get the house work everything done. And we needed help. So, we had to get the kids involved too. So, I mean we did it as young as 8 since our kids were 8 years old they have done their own laundry but it’s a process that only takes them 20 minutes. They know how to get it done and get it moving of course it’s in the washing machine longer than that but they know you know the folding and everything. So, in doing that we started giving hours back to ourselves.

Sheri: If you have three or four people all doing 20 minute segments you’re going to get.

Chris: You free up your hours.

Sheri: Yeah and Moms you’re going to get your time back.

 Chris: And the kids can’t guilt you because you’re just asking them for 20 minutes. So, what we would like to get you guys to do is you know down below if you don’t work in increments of 20 minutes and tried something like this before try it now. If you have give us you know let everybody in the community know what you’ve done in the past or ideas that you have like oh man I can do that in 20 minutes and get it done. You can clean out the fridge in 20 minutes. You can clean out your cabinets and as Sheri mentioned there’s bigger projects like the ones I dread like cleaning the attic, the basement if you have a garage. You know but if you tackle it in 20 minute pieces you know you can really get a lot done because you know what you’ll find What I find I end up doing I work harder in that 20 minutes because I know.

Sheri: Your very focused.

Chris: It’s like boom boom boom you get a lot more done then if you say ah is this going to take me two hours and you just kind of fumble around why you’re doing it.

Sheri: Right you can even set a timer. I have to say I do that very often as I will actually set a timer because sometimes you get too wrapped up into a project and you really shouldn’t be spending that much time. But if you can break it down like large projects break down into 20 minute increments it makes a huge difference getting you just feel a lot more organized with your time. And it’s really helped me it’s been a real time saver for me.

Chris: So, let’s get you started.

Sheri: 20 minutes.

Chris: Pick a project today. Get your kids involved get your husband involved get everybody involved with just picking 20 minutes and divide it up and guess what you’re going to have time to work out now. You’re going to have time to read your favorite book. It’s going to free up time for you and it will make your life a lot more efficient. So again, if you like this video please share it with your friends

Sheri: and if you could like our page we’d really appreciate it.

Chris: Yeah. If you like our page you’re going to get notified of new videos and everything that we’re doing so we hope you do that. And hey, have a great weekend.

Sheri: Don’t forget to share and if you could comment below on a project that you got done in 20 minutes we’d love to hear it.

 Chris: And we’ll see you next week.

Sheri: Thanks for joining us.

Chris; Thanks again.



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