The key to raising healthy children is to be a good role model. If you are going to eat unhealthy foods and avoid exercise then your child will probably do the same.

Creating healthy habits in your children is easy when you follow a healthy lifestyle yourself. Instead of drilling your child about eating too much sugar make sure that you aren’t eating too much sugar. Include your child during meal preparation. Even two-year-olds can rip lettuce for the salad.

By starting your child out early during the food preparation process, your child has a vested interest in what he/she is eating. Your child will most likely try foods that he/she helped prepare or grow in the garden. Many times a child needs to try a food 10-15 times before he/she will like that food. It will be worth the effort because cooking one meal for the whole family is a whole lot easier than being a short order cook. Keep offering different vegetables to your child as this is the most important food group and essential to a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Be well and be a good role model.


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