Sheri & Chris



is our Priority.



We believe families should Think Positive, Eat Healthy, and Move Joyfully each and every day.

We believe self-compassion is central to good health.

We look for the best in others.

We believe knowledge is power.

We lead by example.

We believe in Families, Your Family!

We believe in You!


 Chris and Sheri


Chris McNally

has developed programs for kids from ages 2-17. He has worked with the top minds in both the exercise and mind body fields. His passion is to empower families to live happy, healthy lives.


Sheri McNally

has a degree in nutrition and she has helped thousands of adults, children and families make healthy lifestyle choices

Sheri and Chris McNally have over 50 years of combined experience in the nutrition and fitness industry. Over the past 25 years, they have developed wellness programs for thousands of clients including children, teens, and adults. They have brought their programs to school systems, daycare centers, corporations, healthcare providers and community organizations.

In 1990 they started a high school athlete conditioning program. They caught the attention of the local superintendent who asked them to develop a program for elementary school children. They created a first of its kind cooperative-based children’s after school fitness education program that included pro-social skill development using fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

They successfully worked hands-on with over 2000 children which lead to the opening of their own family fitness and recreation center. Their approach has stayed consistent throughout the years which is to make healthy living simple and fun!

We understand the challenges and the overall confusion that goes along with trying to raise a healthy family these days. We simplify complex mind/body concepts and create programs that support a family’s quest for a happier and healthier life.

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